We can offer a complete Wills package. 

  • Existing Will review.  If your circumstances have changed or its just been a while since you reviewed your Will we offer a free review service. 


  • Single Will.  For a straightforward Will containing no Trust element (for example you want to leave everything to your spouse and children absolutely) 


  • Couples Wills:  For couples mirror wills with no Trust element. 

£250 for both 

  • Right of Occupation

Add £100 for couples Wills. 

  • Will Trusts - including Full Discretionary Trust, Flexible Life Interest Trust Vulnerable/Disabled Persons Trust

Add £250 for single Will, £350 for couples Wills 

  • Complex or Multiple Will Trusts 

Add £100 to the Trusts package

  • Notice of Severance and Land Registry Registration of restriction: where you hold your property as joint tenants (rather than tenants in common - don’t worry I can check this for you!) and you wish to create a Trust you will need to sever the joint tenancy. To prepare this notice and lodge the same with the Land Registry:


  • Letter of Wishes: You may wish to create a Letter of Wishes to accompany your Will.  This, whilst not legally binding, can give your executors and Trustees much appreciated guidance as to how you would like to them to carry out your wishes. 


  • Prices above are for consultations at our office on Lemon Street, Truro. Home/Hospital visits