Everyone should review their Will regularly.  This may simply be due to the passage of time, or because you have undertaken a life event that may mean parts of your Will require some tweaking.  Examples of such events are:

  • marriage - saying 'I do' invalidates any existing Will, so it is really important that you prepare a new Will to compliment your new married life!
  • Divorce - divorce invalidates any legacies or clauses that relate to your former spouse and renders the Will partially intestate. It is another life event that really requires a fresh Will check!
  • Having a child or more children.  You will want to make sure your offspring are protected under your Will.  It may be that at this time you would want to set up a lifetime trust so that your share of any property is fully protected and guaranteed to ultimately pass to your children. 
  • Buying or selling significant assets (such as a house)
  • At times when you may be considering a large lifetime gift to someone you love. 

It may be that your Will continues to cater for what you need, and n these instances the review is free.  I wont talk you into amendments you don't need.