Will writing, astonishingly, is not classed as a reserved activity and does not need to be regulated by the Law Society. There isn’t even a requirement for insurance.  This means that anyone can start a Will writing business and can charge a tiny amount for drafting services. However, what you won’t get is protection, legal experience  and suitable advice about what should be in your Will.  Estate Planning, Will drafting and subsequent probate/estate administration is a complex area of law.  Anyone can draft a 'valid' Will, with some help from the internet, but behind a professionally drafted Will you get the advise that can mean the difference between tax and no tax, or gifts failing.
I am a qualified solicitor and therefore do bring with me the legal training and experience to help you make the right decisions. I am able to charge significantly less than traditional law firms because I do not need to pay for regulation by the SRA. I am in the process however of becoming a full Member of the Society of Will Writers who do regulate the profession of Will writing for those who wish to follow their Code of Conduct. I am also fully insured for professional indemnity. You are in safe hands, and paying a reasonable rate - drafting your Will and LPA through me means you do not need to help subsidise the costs of higher risk activities that regulated law firms carry out. However you are also not taking the risk of creating an invalid or inadequate Will as you may be when drafting your own or using form generated Wills.

I can visit you in your home, or wherever you may feel comfortable.  I will make the initial visit to discuss your needs and advise you of prices. There is NO OBLIGATION to continue with services at this point.  If you do wish to proceed, I would visit you again to execute your Will, unless you were happy to do so yourself.

A home visit is charged at £30, simply to cover the cost of travel. 

Alternatively we can meet over Zoom or Teams if you are happy to do so.

From our initial meeting I aim to have draft Wills with you within two weeks - usually quicker.

For Lasting Powers of Attorney I aim to have sent you a draft copy and sent the sections requiring your Attorneys to sign within 2 weeks.  LPAs can take longer overall because time frames are dependant on how long it takes for your Attorneys to return their sections and how long the Office of Public Guardian takes to process the application (wich can be between 6-12 weeks)